Convince your boss

In today`s economy every penny counts and so is your time out of your office.
You are at this website so you probably know that your time at JOIN! 2020 will pay off.


Now let’s convince your boss:


1. Find solutions to your challenges.

With over 30 sessions during two days of conference and 4 all-day training sessions (post-cons), the conference may give you the inspiration to solve your current or future challenges.

2. Meet and Learn

Take the chance and meet with our Speakers and other database specialists! Our speakers are at the forefront of SQL Server! They will not be just presenting to you! If you will not catch them after the presentation or during lunch!

3. Networking

We expect to have over 200 SQL specialists during JOIN! 2020. Talk to them during your coffee breaks, lunch or Conference party! Walk away from the conference with a new set of contacts!

4. Stay Relevant

Database is a sector where the words “if you do not go forward you step back “ are nothing but true. Learn about the newest solutions, the future of SQL Server and visions that may become a reality. Or not.

5. Inspire your Team

Take what you learned at JOIN! 2020 and share it with your Team! All our participants get access to session materials. Be sure you did not miss anything valuable!


Bear in mind all the arguments listed above!

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